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As we understand the problems and our role in developing solutions, How to participate in real action? Most of us want to engage in long term sustainable activities but we could not find appropriate choices. Here, we summarise the choices for individuals, groups and corporate, to have a basic understanding and directions to begin the sustainable path.

If you are an individual or you belong to a group, there are multiple options listed below to get involved in the sustainable development movement.

If you are an expert in following area. Please be in touch with us.

  • Rural livelihoods
  • Climate change
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Renewable energy
  • Coastal Bio-shield
  • Social media
  • Self sufficiency and Self reliance
  • Humanities and Social science
  • Creative solutions developer
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We are looking for individuals you are passionate to become part of the vision and become a core team member by

  • Participate in creating designs, ideas
  • Research and development
  • Build volunteer base and expand works
  • Develop simple, sustainable and replicable models
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As a volunteer or Ambassador you will be contributing to

  • Social media promotion, Website, blogs and videos
  • Network building
  • To promote sustainability wherever possible
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Be part of neighborhood community initiatives

You may register with us in one or all of the below areas.

  • For commune farm living project (link)
  • For the ‘Back to the village’ movement
  • For Rainwater harvesting at your office or home
  • As an organic food consumer
  • To provide market space for organic produce in your apartments or office
  • To convert your conventional farm into organic
  • To make a fresh career in Sustainable development
  • As an investor in the social enterprises guided by ‘PlanetBlue’ forum
  • As a donor to ‘SEA Movement’s non-profit activities (
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If you are a corporate or a business, you can get involved in following ways.

  1. Turn your CSR focus to critical areas which needs high priority
    • Sustainable development
    • Renovation of water bodies
    • Climate change
    • Waste management
    • Coastal zone development
    • Bio diversity conservation
    • Localization
    • Community supported Agriculture
    • Reviving traditional knowledge
    • Emission control mechanisms
    • Inclusion of technology in transformational issues
    • Forum for Inventions and Social Enterprises
  2. Develop fellowships to support grass-root level workers
  3. Include sustainable components in your business process
  4. Provide market space for organic produce (weekly shandy)
  5. Provide kiosk space for ‘Safe food express’ (permanent)
  6. Build your new work stations in small towns and rural areas
  7. Design a sustainable CSR program for the next three years
  8. Make your campus a zero waste one
  9. Include Rainwater harvesting, solar energy and bio-gas in your campus
  10. Encourage employees to participate in such initiatives
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We promote, support and represent social enterprises, social impact businesses and social entrepreneurs