About Us

Our Team members are from various sub-fields of Sustainable development. Experts involved are listed in the work area. Our Geographical boundary is initially Tamilnadu state, India and will expand in the future based on success in implementation.

At the grass-root level, we have tried a lot of activities ranging from tree planting to organic farming and pond renovation to watershed development. From NGOs to social enterprises, partnership firms to FPOs, we engage with a lot of entities in our work area. Participated in many initiatives across the state and found out what is missing in all our approaches.

Each initiative takes lot of effort, funds, time and people. Problems remain the same even after many years of continuous work. If we just tune the process rightly, we all will be producing tremendous results in all the initiatives. That is what PlanetBlue is trying to do!

We promote, support and represent social enterprises, social impact businesses and social entrepreneurs

Our Mission

Many institutions and organizations are working towards sustainable development. Lot of initiatives is happening across the country which brings a good impact on the society and environment as well. Few of us have achieved some milestones and few gained lot of experience and few in the beginning stages.

Now, the forum ‘Planet Blue’ will provide space for such initiatives which will remain as an open source. We will share our ideas, experience and knowledge to all stakeholders such as fresh graduates, individuals, institutions, corporate, NGOs and FPOs who want to bring some real change in their society and environment. We also interact with the stakeholders and find out the possibility for inclusion of sustainability in their process.

Our Mission is to bring in more people into Sustainable development so that we will have enough solution providers for the large number of problems which our planet and all living beings face today.